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BBB Kit™ ( RBE-12 ) (PET-12)

For BBB Cells Analysis / Disease Model / Drug BBB Permeability Study

BBB Kit™ ( RBE-12 ) is a new in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) made of primary cultures of rat (Wistar rat) brain capillary endothelial cells, brain pericytes and astrocytes. BBB Kit™( RBE-12 ) with polyester (PE) membrane** is a ready-to-use concept for your researches on BBB-related physiology and evaluations of BBB permeability of your drugs and drug candidates.
*For evaluating the permeability of a molecule through the brain endothelial and pericytes layers of BBB Kit™ in blood-to-brain direction, the molecule is applied to the upper compartment of the insert. Our calculation of apparent permeability is Papp or Pe. However, depending on the compound, you may not be able to caltulate Papp or Pe exactly, because of absorption of the compound to polyester membrane. In such a case, you can try our other types of our BBB Kit™ ( MBT-24 / RBT-24 ).
**Endothelial cells on polyester membrane can be clearly observed by an inverted microscope.

We deliver the complete set of BBB Kit™ (RBE-12) in frozen packaged with dry ice.
BBB Kit™ can be frozon as a whole and stored at -80 ℃. We gurantee to use BBB Kit™ (PBE-12) within 1 month.

BBB Kit ™ (RBE-12)
  1. BBB Kit ™ (RBE-12)
  2. Thawing-solution
  3. Meduim 1
  4. Medium 2
  5. Transwell® (#3460) for Control
BBBKit ™(PET-12)
Catalog # Product Format Unit Price(Yen)
PCC-RBE-12 BBB Kit ™
12 well Set 198,000

Ready-To-Use BBB Kit

4 days prior to your experiment, you just thaw (de-freeze) your BBB Kit ™ (RBE-12) stored at -80℃.

  Amounts of solutions (to be added)
  Thawing-sol medium 1 medium 2  *
Blood-side 630 μL 500 μL 500 μL
Brain-side 1000 μL 1500 μL 1500 μL

* Recipe: medium 2 10% PDS / DMEM F-12
  Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium/ Nutrient Mixture F-12 Ham (DMEM F-12)  
Fetal Bovine Plasma Derived Serum (PDS) 10% (v/v)
Heparin 100 μg/mL
basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) 1.5 ng/mL
Insulin-Transferrin-sodium Selenite (ITS) insulin 5 μg/mL,
transferrin 5 μg/mL,
sodium selenite 5 ng/mL
Hydrocortisone 500 nM
Gentamicin 50 μg/mL

Trans Endothelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) of BBB Kit ™ (RBE-12)
TEER in BBB Kit™ (RBE-12) reaches more than 150 Ω x cm2, and maintains a plateau up to 7 days. (Thawing-sol and medium 1, 2 do not contain cAMP and its analogs.) TEER is measured at Day 3 after changing solution and medium. BBB Kit™ (RBE-12) can be used from Day 4 to Day 6 after thawing.

Insert Membrane Infomation
Insert of BBB KitTM (RBE-12) (Polyester membrane filter)
Transwell® Permeable Support (#3460)
Technical data of the polyester (PE) membrane Transwell® clear (Corning) insert:
Diameter: 12 mm
Growth area: 1.12 cm2
Membrane thickness: 10 μm
Pore size: 0.4 μm
Pore density: 4 x 106 pores/cm2
Tissue culture treated: yes
Coating: collagen type IV and fibronectin
Optical property: clear
Cell visibility: good
Volume inside insert: 0.5 mL
Volume in plate: 1.5 mL
Transwell® is a Registered Trade Mark of Corning Incorporated.

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