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1. How much amount of molecule sample is needed for BBB-permeability evaluations?
  It depends on the kinds of molecule samples, but usually the amount of 5μL/1mM is needed.

Is it possible that DMSO concentration is higher than 0.2%?
  Up to 0.5% of concentration DMSO is absolutely safe for the BBB Kit. 1% concentration may damage the cells in the BBB Kit. Lower than 0.5 % is strongly recommended.

How many compounds can one kit evaluate?
  One BBB Kit is a 12 well format, therefore you can freely design your experiments, as below;

In case of n = 3, you can do 4 compounds.
In case of n = 2, you can do 6 compounds.

Another possibility is that 1 well will be for positive or negative control.

Can large compounds (peptides, proteins) and nanoparticle (around 100 nm in diameter) be examined?
  Please try our new BBB Kit (RBT-24) ! Its polyethylene terephthalate membrane has 3.0 μm pores.

Of what animal cells is the BBB Kit made?
  Wistar rat

What is the differences between polyester and polyethylene terephthalate membranes, excepting the compound-adsorption?
  See the Comparison of RBT-24 and RBE-12 ( Inserts & MembranesPDFPDF-147KB ).

What kinds of compounds (hydrophobic (oil) with, pKa, protein, peptide, if secondary structural features, etc.) are easily absorbed?
  Basically, the reason why the chemical adsorption happens is the compound's chemical properties. As the surface of polyester contains ionic discharges such as Silanol groups of polymer compounds, the compounds chemically bind to polyester membrane.

The binding does not depend upon hydrophobic or lipophibic charactristics.


Are there BBB transporter expressions ?
  Yes, there are enough expressions. See BBB Kit page.

What is the comparison of in vitro and in vivo data?
  See this data. PDFhttp://www.pharmacocell.co.jp/product/pdf/potsdam2007.pdf

Other technical questions

Is it possible to offer free sample?
Yes, we can offer you BBB Kit sample before your purchase.
See Free Sample in this web site.


How long will it take to delivery from order?
Immediately after your order, we can send you the BBB Kit.

What is the price of custom testing per one sample?
Contact us about the price and your samples.
Your sample might have big differences in BBB permeability between high and low concentration. The price will change, when you request high or low concentration of your compound.

3. How to order
  You can order our BBB Kit on the web page. After shipping from PharmaCo-Cell, Nagasaki to you, AT Lab, our distributor will send you the bill. Contact us about order.

Can you do us any technical support after purchasing?
  Yes, we can support you how to use the BBB Kit and resolve the result of data. Please feel free to ask us.

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