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Drug Permeability Assay

Drug BBB-Permeability Assay
MBT-24/RBT-24 Drug Permeability Assay Protocol
[MBT-24/RBT-24 Drug Permeability Assay Protocol]
[ PDF-0.97MB ]

For evaluating the permeability of a molecule through the brain endothelial and pericytes layers of BBB Kit ™ in blood-to-brain direction, the molecule is aplied to the upper compartment of the insert.

   *Depending on types of molecules or sensitivity measurement, the time points are decided.

Schematic Diagram 1
*The value obtained with only Transwell® membrane is the background data. The backgound data is needed in the calculation of apparent permeability.

Schematic Diagram 2(ex.)

Collecting samples
t=0 t=20 t=40 t=60
(assay buffer)
- -
(assay buffer)
cell + membrane - -
(if needs)

1.Calculation of apparant permeability
2.Evaluation of Papp
We obtained a very good correlation between the BBB Kit™ and in vivo permeabilities of drugs. You can evaluate the BBB-permeability by our BBB Kit™, quantitatively.
When you design molecular modifications of your compound or vectors carrying your compound into the brain, you can easily evaluate the BBB-permeability, quantitatively.
Papp(×10-6cm/s) Permeability ex)
Permeabilitis >20 very good Antipyrine
10〜20 good -
2〜10 low Na-F
<2 very low ESA, sucrose
*Transwell® is trademark of Corning, Incorporated, Corning, NY, USA.

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